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Earning a Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology seemed good when I finished it in 1980. As part of this, I enjoyed studying leadership and management. Being a manager in business, which included strategic development and data analysis, also seemed important and successful at the time.

But more important than all that thought-and-status-based stuff was choosing to take Latin dance classes after a divorce in 2008, and to read books from the field of positive psychology which later expanded to works of philosophy and spirituality. And, better than that was falling in love with nature: trees, other plants, sun, air, and earth. This appreciation, which grew during walks through the tree-lined neighborhoods between my home and coffee shops in the city, was accompanied by sheer enjoyment of the movement of, and stillness in, my body.

Best of all was discovering how to step aside from my thoughts and watch so I could see that they are not the absolute truths I had always taken them to be. Watching thoughts, rather than being controlled by them, allowed the uncovering of a more complete self able to flow freely with the interconnected whole that is reality.

This author is a guy who found joy in living by seeing through the masquerading truths of everyday tensions, regrets, worries, and a continual focus on what’s next. Realizing these “truths” as the mental chatter they are, and then being able to set them aside, made room for other things to be conscious of such as a wholistic awareness of my body, the surroundings, and all their interconnectedness.
I shifted away from the constraint of limited head-based stuff and opened up to the fullness of what is real in the world, a wider view of possibilities and appreciation for life.I’m a guy who went from being shy and unnoticed as a child, to a well-meaning but cruel-at-times believer of objective truths and rules; and now to a joyful being who can be lighthearted and playfully silly at times.

The most essential thing to describe about me, this author, is the journey of taking steps away from functioning as a know-it-all who almost continually put himself above and against life, toward a sense of being that moves with ease and gratitude through a life that is abundant whenever I’m open enough to allow it.

Most of the time now, I am a guy who wishes the same for each person I encounter, and for those I don’t encounter as well. I wish for each of you to find the same underlying sense of ease and gratitude, but in a way that is unique to you. I wish for every person a full and happy meeting of “your deep gladness” with “the world’s deep hunger”.
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