Health Consultation Affiliate Program

I just signed up for an integrative Health Consultation Affiliate Program.   I’m excited about it because it broadens the scope to include all types of care to help my body and mind.   It’s built around me taking ownership, rather than putting blind trust into the hands of any one provider as I’ve done for so long.  

The 60-minute appointment with my Health Advocate felt like a warm and knowledgeable beginning toward improving and managing my health.   We covered symptoms I’d like to change, medications, and next steps toward lab work that would best fit my financial resources.

As a participant and affiliate of this program, I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better without closing out possibilities for healing and flourishing that the established medical systems of care might exclude.   The 60-minute appointment costs only $50, and can be done from anywhere through a video call.  Fill out the form below and a Health Advocate will reach out to arrange an appointment.

A Whole of The Whole LLC
Salt Lake City, Utah
Certificate of Completion