Gratitude Awareness Sessions

Why Book a Session?
How would our relationships and daily outlook change by tapping life energies to foster gratitude, awareness, and growth?

In sessions we can cover states you sense as undesirable arising from anxiety, depression, and any type of tension in the mind or body.

Explore how self-care and gratitude fit your uniqueness to rebalance body energies for conditions such as candida-overgrowth, leaky gut, and cancer.

Why Book a Session?

Awareness Gratitude Sessions use conversation to foster a habit of applying new thought patterns.

Have you sensed tension, doubt, worry, or fear affecting your body, your relationships, or your peace of mind?

Do you want a renewed relationship with your thought patterns?

Do you sense the possibility of feeling released from the clinging, grasping, or constricting that thoughts can seem to create?

Do you want to free yourself and experience a more easeful outlook toward people and life?

Are you open to questioning the “kind of thinking” that your deepest self longs to change?

One session up to 3-hours long each week

Support by phone, text, and email throughout

Other time frames negotiable; extension of time-frame negotiable in order to reach outcome

When we agree on a sessions package, we join together to allow and activate a daily outlook that is vibrantly alive and open, a sense of life that is peaceful and less stressful.  We aim to emanate a flow that feels natural and spontaneous not required, expected, or arising out of a moral guide.  

Allowing and activating this outlook is aided by a shift in how we use concepts, words, language.  This change in mental habits is only a pathway.  The reality of the new, more peaceful outcome is born out of what the open awareness points to.  It arises from applying concepts such that we realize, or recognize, a true-to-life self in a more true-to-life world.

Join me in a journey toward bringing a sense of peaceful playfulness to each experience, even the most challenging ones.

"You are truly a gifted writer!   I love the way you point out this beautiful work. I want to let you know that I feel so comfortable in your presence because you are able to see me with your heart and the gift that you offer by staying present.   Wow what a gift that is to everyone you encounter."
Claudia Flores

"Steve is a bright clear light with powerful insights. Being in his presence is incredible!"
Rachel Archelaus
Author of "Intuitive Art - How to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self"

"Steve, you have a way of allowing space for people to get in touch with their inner child. Anyone who gets the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with you will be very pleased."
Rex Wheeler

Session Pricing

3 Months

$1,500  $1,250

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6 Months

$2,500  $2,000

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12 Months

$4,000  $3,200

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More is accepted... less is possible

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